Yearbook Staff Applications for 7th and 8th graders

Hello parents and students!
I hope you are all enjoying your summer! I just got off of a Zoom with our yearbook representative and it has reminded me that we are going to need to start reaching out to see if there are students interested in being on our yearbook staff this year. Our cover is due in October, so we have lots to talk about and think about.
I will obviously be talking to all the students about this when I “see” them on August 24th but I figured I would go ahead and start to put the information out there so students and families could talk about it since I am asking for all applications to be submitted by Friday, August 28th.
For this year ONLY, we are opening it up to seventh graders as well. Priority will be given to interested 8th graders but I am also aware of some other students that might enjoy participating, so we are trying something new.
Yearbook will require extra work for your child and would normally include having to stay after school one day a week to work on it, usually Wednesdays until 4. This year we will start our meetings virtually to begin our brainstorming process and getting to work on our theme and cover design. Except for the cover, all of the yearbook is done online so your child would have to enjoy designing pages, taking pictures, or writing summaries of events and things. It really takes students with a variety of talents to make the yearbook complete!
Please consider talking this over with your child. I would love to see their ideas (part of the application) and look forward to seeing who is interested. Simply click the link below to get started.
Thanks so much,
Mrs. Zack